"Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade, just as painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself."
                     -Truman Capote Let's paint a story.

What's the story? Writing Prompt

Write a scene that takes place at this shop.
You can write a whole story, a poem, or just something about this picture.
Bring it to our meeting.

Next Meeting - August 24, 2019

Our next meeting - Aug 24, 2019

Bring a story or poem to read,
your notebook, and a favorite joke.

Optional:  Bring a favorite painting, picture, cartoon, etc.

Be prepared to have fun!

How have you been beating the heat?

Hot! Hot! Hot!

We are in the middle of summer in all her glory!
It's hot outside!
What do you do to stay cool?
Swim, sunbathe, visit the Arctic?

Remember when you were a kid, the sun didn't seem to bother us so much. We were glad to be outside and not in school.

Write a story about -
 a favorite summer memory from childhood.
your favorite way to stay cool
your favorite summer food

Just because it's hot doesn't mean you can't write!
Bring your story to Ada Writers this Saturday!

National Black Cow Float Day

National Black Cow Rootbeer Float Day
August 19

Yes Folks, today is National Black Cow Rootbeer Float Day!
For those of you who don't know what a 'Black Cow' is, simply put, it is a rootbeer float. Invented Aug 19, 1893. It seems there are many variations of this beverage. I'm going to give you a few - 

                          Black Cow Rootbeer Float

In a tall class - 
 Place 2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 1/2 tablespoons hot fudge sauce
Pour 10 oz. rootbeer over top.
Serve with a straw.

Pretty simple.
Some variations include using chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla with fudge sauce.
A brown cow uses Coke instead of Rootbeer.
A spotted cow uses chocolate-chip ice cream

Whatever your preference - have one today!

“Try a Real Black Cow—It’s Moovelous!” (1950s slogan for Hires Root Beer) 

Writers Prompt 6 - July

See the source image

What is something you would like to see invented that would make your life easier?

Meeting July 13th -

a fabric surface
Can you find the penguin amongst this flock of toucans? Come to the meeting and find the answer.
Next Meeting July 13th

Our next meeting is this Saturday, July 13th, 11:00 am at the Ada Library

Do you have a treat in store for you!
Debbie (club president) and Paula (club secretary)
will both be gone. 
So, Nora (club vice president, treasurer, and historian) will be leading our group. Told you had a treat in store for you.
Eva is going to be her trusty side-kick.
With those two in charge, who knows what mischief they may get into?
Bring some of your writings with you, and be prepared to share. 
Please give Nora and Eva your support! Make me proud!
We are switching our business meeting to July 27.


Creations 2019

Creations 2019
The deadline for submissions has now passed and Paula is
busy editing this year's book. This year's edition promises to be better than ever with our Poetry Contest Winner's poems, our Short Story Contest Winner's story, professional photographs of our members, and of course, all the stories, poems, essays, and memoirs from our members.
Paula hopes to get our submission authorization forms signed at the July 27th meeting.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

Short Story Contest

The Ada Writers Short Story Contest is Closed

All submissions have been sent to the judges and winners will be chosen soon!
Winners will be announced and honored at our July 27th meeting.
Thanks to all who entered!

Writing Prompt 4 - July

Write a descriptive paragraph, poem, or short story about your favorite summer food.
(watermelon, ice cream, corn on the cob, s'mores, etc)

Writers Prompt 3 - July

Make up a really awkward description or ad for an online dating site.

Writing Prompt 2 - july

Recall a memorable haircut or hairstyle you have had, given, or witnessed.

Parts of a Story - Plot

Parts of a Story - Setting


The setting of a story is where the story is taking place. It may be a room, a town, in a boat at sea, etc. 
The setting also includes factors such as the time of day, the time of year, or the year in history. 
It includes weather, nature, animals, birds, snow, rain, wind, etc.
It doesn't have to be a real place, you can invent your own town, country, or planet.

Where ever the setting is it must fit with the character. A seaside hut would be a much different setting than an uptown apartment. How does the character fit in the setting?

Spend time getting to know your setting. 
Some people get so involved they construct maps of the neighborhood. You may not want to get that involved but be familiar with it.
If the character is a farmer, you should know what is involved in his kind of farming.
If the character is an Olympic swimmer, what is his routine?
If the setting is 1850 Oklahoma Territory, the sites would be quite different from 1850 New York City.

If you make up a fantasy setting, makeup all the aspects of that world.
If it takes place in outer space, is their gravity? How do people get from place to place? Are people even there or are there other types of creatures. What do their homes look like, what do they eat, what is the weather like? How many moons do they have, if any?

Setting is like another character in your story. It should be planned out and known by the author. Even if you never write about where the bathroom is, you should know yourself.

Writers Quote

Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.
- Orson Scott

Writing Prompt for July - Vacation

Ahhh, Vacation ...
Here are some ideas to write about - 

1. Write about your favorite vacation. 
2. If you could pack up and go, with no limits on time, money, etc, where would you go? What transportation would you use?
3. Are you the type who loves the beach? Would you rather go camping in the mountains, or stay at home and do nothing (I think this is impossible!)? Write about it and why.
4. What is the scariest, most unusual, or strangest thing that you experienced while on vacation?
5. Write a story about traveling with children.

Independence Day - July 4, 2019

 Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day celebrates United States independence from Britain. July 4th, 1776 is the day the Declaration of Independence was signed and adopted by the 2nd Continental Congress. This year will mark the 243rd year of American independence. 
Independence Day is always celebrated on the 4th of July unless the 4th lands on a Sunday, then it is celebrated on the following day.
This year, while we celebrate with picnics, family reunions, watermelon, fireworks, parades, etc., we should remember our freedom is not, nor has it ever been free.
Americans have fought and died to keep our country free and preserve the freedoms we enjoy. 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."  

Additional freedoms were spelled out in the Bill of Rights-the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution:
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom to voice grievances to the government
Freedom of a Militia
The right to Bear Arms
Freedom from Illegal Search of a Person or Property
The requirement of a Warrant showing reasonable cause, only with an Oath, with a specific place, person, and property to be searched.
No person shall be held for a capital offense unless presentment from the Grand Jury.

These are just a few of our freedoms, many of which are in jeopardy of being overthrown by our current Congress. We as Americans need to be vigilant to preserve our freedoms. 


Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day

May 27, 2019

The holiday is upon us. Memorial Day weekend - a time to get outside, spend time with family and friends, barbecues, picnics - hot-dogs and apple pie. Flags are flying. Old men march in parades in their uniforms. What's not to like?

Actually, Memorial Day was created as a time to remember those who had fallen in the Civil War. It was called Decoration Day so people would decorate the graves of the dead soldiers.  Later, it was expanded to include the fallen in all American Wars. The name was changed to Memorial Day officially in 1967.  Did you know,  A National Moment of Rememberance, was established in 2000. We are to stop at 3:00 pm on Memorial Day afternoon to reflect on those who gave their lives for our freedoms. One minute of silence for all Americans to remember the fallen. Doesn't seem like much to ask. I had never heard of this National Act of Unity.
As an American, I believe it's the least I can do. I will set my clock for 3pm this Monday. I hope I'm not the only one.

Many of our members are veterans. I appreciate the sacrifices each has made and I'm glad they were able to return home. Thank you, all!

Do you know someone who was killed in a war? Someone who served? Write a story about an experience, a person, a memory, or a fictional account involving Memorial Day, a veteran, a fallen soldier, etc. This can also include stories of parades, barbecues, etc.
Make it under 500 words and it can be submitted for our writing contest.
Write over 500 words and it can be used for Creations 2019.

for more interesting facts about Memorial Day go to -

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!


No Meeting Sat, May 25th. The library is closed for Memorial Day Weekend!

Writing Contest

The Ada Writers' Short Story Contest is Under Way!

The contest is open to everyone. Tell your friends, relatives, and various acquaintances and encourage them to write their stories. This doesn't mean you're off the hook -  you still need to write your story!

The Contest began April 30 and ends June 22.
Each story is limited to 500 words.
The requirements of how to submit your story were sent by email by Paula
but if for some reason you didn't get it - let us know, we'll get you a copy of the rules and submission requirements.
The main thing is to get it in on time, sent through the computer, typed double-spaced.

Remember there are prizes for the winners!
So get busy and get those stories written, the sooner the better.

Author Portraits

As you know, April 27th was picture day.
Several us went to McCoy-Callison Photography (also known as Legacy Portraits) 
to have pictures taken for Creations 2019.
Janet McCoy (the photographer) offered to give us a special rate of $10.00 per person.
This was so all our pictures would be uniform and professional in Creations 2019.
We voted that we would take the $10 p/p from the Ada Writers bank account so everyone could participate. This paid for the sitting fees and a disc to be owned by the club, of all members.

Unfortunately, only 8 of our 19 members showed up.

Janet has offered a 2nd opportunity to take pictures of those that didn't make it, for the same price.
All you have to do is call her and set up a time.  
Her contacts numbers are as follows -
work - 580-332-5104
cell - 580-421-3274
The club will still pay the $10 dollar fee. Please call and make arrangements ASAP!
Preferably before our business meeting, May 11th.
Extra prints can be ordered at $25.00 each. These will be
copyright-free so you can use them for your personal books!

Janet is doing this as a favor to Ada Writers. She is going above and beyond to
accommodate us. Anyone who doesn't have their portraits taken with Janet  WILL NOT have a picture with their writings in Creations 2019. 

Please call and make arrangements ASAP! This is such a great opportunity to have professional photos of all our members. Don't pass it up!

If you have any questions, you can call or email me. 

       home phone - 580-332-8373, cell phone - 580-235-5124
       emails - debbieanderson25@hughes.net or debbieanderson.writer1@gmail.com

May Day Writing Prompt # 2

May Baskets!

For those of you who don't know what a May Basket is here's a quick explanation:

May Baskets are cute little baskets made out of whatever you want to make them from - paper, 

cardboard, a tin can, tissue paper, etc.

Traditionally, they were filled with flowers to celebrate spring. As time went on anything could be 

added to a May Basket - candy, cookies or other baked goods,  a small toy or gift, flowers, of course, 

pretty much anything.  Then you put them on the doorknob of a friend's house, rang the doorbell, and 

ran. You tried to get away without the friend seeing you so he/she wouldn't know who left it.

So much fun.

Write a story, a memory from your past or something made up, about May Baskets.

Bring it to our May 11th meeting.

May Day Writing Prompt #1

It's May Day! The May Pole Dance is an important part of the traditional May Day Celebration.

Did you ever participate in a May Pole Dance?

Write about it and bring it to our meeting on May 11th.

It's May! Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!

Writing Prompt

Imagine you are a news anchor. Write the beginning of tonight's newscast. Make the top story what you truly think could happen today, or what you wish would happen today!

Bring your "news article" to our next meeting.

Picture Day, April 27,

April 27, 11:00, Picture Day! No Meeting at the Library

McCoy-Callison Photography (also known as Legacy Portraits)
2100 Ahloso Rd, Ada
580-332-5104 (studio #)

Directions: From the Library - Go east to Mississippi then
 South past E-Stop, Left onto Ahloso Rd, Immediately left into the drive.  The studio used to be a house.

I will meet anyone who wants to follow me to the studio, at 10:45 (at the library). Please let me know if you will be meeting me so I don't leave without you!! (580-332-8373 or 580-235-5024). 

Suggestions from the photographer:
Wear a solid color
Black or white clothes are fine.
Don't forget your smile!

Remember, these pictures are for our 2019 Creations. So, think about how you want to be captured as a writer! The club will get a disc which will be the property of Ada Writers.
A special rate will be offered for anyone interested in buying pictures for themselves.

If you have any questions, call me.
See you Saturday!
(580-332-8373 or 580-235-5024)

Legacy Portraits is the same photographers that take the graduation pictures for the local high schools.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Writing Prompt

Today on the NaNoWriMo blog, they gave some suggestions for writing prompts.
I thought I would share them with you:

Write a scene about:
  • A vampire and a bank heist
  • A ghost and a dysfunctional family
  • A private eye and a haunted house
  • An alien and a pizza parlor
Sounds like fun, huh? Bring your writing to our meeting Saturday!

National Card and Letter Writing Month!

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month

Remember receiving a letter, handwritten in beautiful penmanship? I bet it's been a while.
When was the last time you wrote a letter - not a text, tweet, or email, but an honest to goodness letter?
This is your chance. Pull out that stationary and brush off the dust. Get out your favorite pen (we all have one). Find your address book. You're ready to get started!
This is a wonderful tradition that is quickly going away. They don't teach penmanship or cursive in school anymore. 
It doesn't have to be a lost art. 
Your letter or card, doesn't have to be long. It's just a reminder that a person is special to you.
I found a great website on the subject. It has suggestions on how to proceed with this 'writing month' idea. Including, a calendar of ideas for every day of the month. 
I hope you give it a try. We are writers after all. We should write!