By Mel Hutt

Heat in Oklahoma is a known feature which reminds me of the south Pacific where I served with the Navy in the late forties.

My first adventure was on a ship that was assigned to be part of "Operation Crossroads" which was a testing of two atomic bombs in different positions. The evidence was how a submarine that was anchored off our stem after the first above ground explosion occurred. The conning tower was melted off center and very contaminated. The heat that created that damage was obvious as we watched the explosion from several miles away. The second bomb, located in the water, was just as scary and showed us the damage that could happen in a very short time and create a heat that melted steel that normally could stand the impact of cannon fire and other types of enemy fire.

I learned that peace was a worthy goal and hoped we could foresee peaceful cooperation among nations in the future. Unfortunately, this has not prevailed even with the damage and deaths that occurred at Hiroshima.

I, and all of us, should be thankful that those large explosives are neutralized in the following wars.

Too bad that the world still has ill will against their neighbor and still does death and destruction.

By Tim Wilson

There are several types of heat we encounter as humans during our lifetimes here on earth. There are also other types of heat we don't even think about until they are activated sometimes by ourselves or by others.

The most common type of intense heat that is very dangerous is caused from a fire. This takes three key main elements to produce. This is accomplished by a mix of oxygen, fuel of some sort (such as wood, grass, plastics, clothing, etc.). However, without a spark or some sort of ignition, the heat cannot and will not exist to start a fire that produces the heat we feel when we are standing to close.

Heat is also created by the sun, which we would surely freeze and starve without, or possibly burn up if the sun were to close to the earth. This vital heat helps our world here to warm our bodies during cold winter days to build great achievements that are built outside our own personal living quarters, such as very tall buildings, or complete cities. Heat help our crops to grow during the growing seasons, and maintains a sort of balance to the earth’s atmosphere so that most things living here on earth thrive.

The heat that is not talked about by many and is shunned by most people or humans is a very different type of heat. Have you ever heard the statement: "That Makes My Blood Boil"? There are actual documentations of people spontaneously catching fire! Another type of inner body heat that is similar to this is stressed heat. Think of the last time someone did something to really hurt you or your family. Just by their words such as a lie about you, or took your property, stole life possessions of yours or kin. Directed bad words at your person just to degrade and discredit you! Do you remember how hot your body temperature rose very quickly, as if you are running a very high fever where you began to sweat profusely? This same type of body heat is how Americans won this nation’s first independence against persecution, corruption, deception, and sent the perpetrators back to where they came from as this country became a nation.

Heat is a very complex word in its different meanings. When you use the words Heat and Love together, it takes on a whole new meaning, but that's a much different heat to be discussed another day.

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