Creations 2012 Table of Contents

Articles & Essays
Ralph W. Ellison: Renaissance Man by Martha Rhynes 
The Depression by Mel Hutt  
Dichotomy by J.E. Tilman
How to Write Dialogue by Martha Rhynes
Taken for Granted by Mel Hutt

Invisible Hitchhiker by Joanne Verbridge
Exchanging Umi by Ken Lewis
Holding My Mouth Right by Martha Rhynes
Living with My Wife’s DID by Steve Robb

Passion by Stephen B. Bagley
At Eighty by Gail Wood
Faves by Rick Litchfield
Untitled I by J.E. Tilman
Untitled II by J.E. Tilman
Untitled III by J.E. Tilman
Threads by Gail Wood
The Wife by Arlene Aren Howell
Non-Communion by Stephen B. Bagley
Shibboleth by Rick Litchfield
One Step by Tom Yarbrough
Cradle by Gail Wood
The Valentine by Rick Litchfield
The Age Old Clash of Land and Sky by L.D. Robb
Eden by Gail Wood
You as Farmer by Stephen B. Bagley

Short Stories
Project Diana by Martha Rhynes
Surprised by a Well by Tom Yarbrough
Tale of a Lonely Vampire by Arlene Aren Howell
Storm Front by Ken Lewis
An Unattended Death by Stephen B. Bagley
Surprise in the Woods by Tom Yarbrough
My Hero by Arlene Aren Howell
Stranger, Watch Your Step! by Martha Rhynes
The Liar by Arlene Aren Howell
A Pact House by Ken Lewis

Book Excerpts
Jack London: Writer of Adventure by Martha Rhynes
Murder by the Mile by Stephen B. Bagley

About the Authors

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