You're invited!

The second book signing for Tales of Bethlehem by Stephen B. Bagley is today (Thursday, Dec. 13) at the Ada Public Library, 4:30-6:30 p.m. There will be cookies, appreciation prizes, registration for a drawing for more than $100 of books and merchandise, and, of course, books, books, and more books!

Here's what's in the drawing:
EndlesS by Stephen B. Bagley,
On Target: Devotions for Modern Life by Kelley Benson,
Floozy & Other Stories by Stephen B. Bagley,
Fashion reading glasses with metal case from Dr James Kevin Cunningham of your Ada Vision Source,
Murder by the Acre (Second Edition) by Stephen B. Bagley,
Creations 2012 by Ada Writers,
Norman Rockwell 2013 Calendar from State Farm,
Murder by the Acre kitchen magnet,
Music sampler CD from Christian artist Doug Matlock,
Europa pocket notebook by Eccolo,
Designer bookmarks,
Christmas mug with salt water taffy,
Water bottle with pens from Vision Bank inside,
CD of Christmas music,
and chocolate kisses!


The first book signing for Tales from Bethlehem by Stephen B. Bagley is tomorrow (Thurs., Nov. 29) at Karen's Art and Framing, 108 East Main, downtown Ada, 4:30-6:30 p.m. Food, door prizes, drawing registration for the grand price of more than $100 in books and cool merchandise, and of course, autographed books that make fantastic Christmas presents for your friend and family and you! 

Hope to see you there!

You're invited!


You're invited to a book signing and reception for Tales from Bethlehem by Stephen B. Bagley this Thursday, Nov. 29, at Karen's Art & Framing, 108 East Main, Downtown Ada, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

There will be door prizes, registration for the big drawing, autographed books, and lots of delicious eatables!

Make plans now to attend and support one of Ada Writers' authors!

Tales from Bethlehem available now!

Tales from Bethlehem  by Stephen B. Bagley is available now! Enjoy these touching and funny Tales of everyone else at the Nativity. Here's the link: Tales from Bethlehem

Ada Writer slates book signing

Ada Writer Kelley Benson is having a book signing for his first book, On Target: Devotions for Modern Life, this Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 23, 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Karen's Art & Framing, 108 East Main, Ada.

There will be delicious refreshments, great conversation, and signed books for purchase (Kelley's as well as Many Rivers Harbor books by Martha Rhynes, Ada Writers, and Stephen B. Bagley). You can enter a drawing to win a gift basket valued at over $100 to be given away in December and enjoy all the beautiful artwork on display.

Kelley's book would make a great Christmas present. If you'd like more information about the book and Kelley, visit

"Creations 2012"

You can purchase your own signed copy of the Ada Writers anthology Creations 2012 at Karen's Art and Framing, 108 East Main, Ada, Oklahoma. Or purchase an unsigned copy HERE and we'll send you a bookplate when you let us know.

Ada Writers at PEC Day

Ada Writers participated in PEC Day, Saturday, September 29, 2012.

Mel  Hutt, Martha E. Rhynes, Aren Howell & Kelley Benson

News Story

The Sunday, May 27th, edition of the Ada News ran a story about the book signing for Creations 2012. Here it is.

Authors featured in "Creations 2012"

Back L-R: Steve Robb, Stephen B. Bagley, Ken Lewis, Mel Hutt, Tom Yarbrough
Front L-R: Joanne Verbridge, L.D. Robb, Martha Rhynes, Aren Howell, Gail Wood

Book signing for "Creations 2012" scheduled

ADA -- The members of Ada Writers will sign copies of their new anthololgy, "Creations 2012," on Thursday, June 7, 4-6 p.m., at the Ada Public Library, 124 S. Rennie. The anthology will be available for purchase at the special hometown price of $10, regularly $12.

Readers can enjoy short stories, poems, essays, memoirs, articles, and book excerpts in the anthology, said Ken Lewis, president of Ada Writers. "We have science fiction, mysteries, ghost stories, vampires -- everyone can find a work that speaks to his or her tastes." 

Lewis said the mission of Ada Writers is to provide education and support to writers in any stage of their development. The group meets the second and fourth Saturday of each month at 11 a.m. upstairs at the library.

The anthology features the work of the following Ada area authors: 

Stephen B. Bagley wrote "Murder by Dewey Decimal" and "Murder by the Acre," both in the Measurements of Murder™ series. "Murder by the Mile," the third in the series, will be published in 2012. Available now is "Floozy and Other Stories," a collection of his humorous essays. His poetry has appeared in Byline, Prairie Songs, Free Star, and other print and online journals.

Arlene Aren Howell, who writes fantasy and science fiction, lives in Ada with her peaceful Chihuahua Missy and protective Sheltie. Her novel, "Tears of the Dreamer," is expected to be completed this summer. She currently serves as vice-president of Ada Writers.

Mel Hutt and his wife have been married for more than sixty years and have three children, eight grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. When his father died in 1945, he entered the Navy and served more than three years in the Pacific, including Operation Crossroads of the atomic bomb experiments at Bikini. He shares his memories in memoirs.

Ken Lewis has written several articles and short stories of different genres. His interests lie mostly in the paranormal and science fiction genres, but he enjoys exploring other avenues of the art. He’s currently a student of the Longridge Writer’s Group, where he continues to hone the writing craft. He’s a firm believer in “Life is learning.”

Rick Litchfield has a handful of poetry published in globally distributed anthologies. Most notably, The Choice in "The International Who’s Who in Poetry" from 2005. And Shibboleth in "The Best Poems and Poets of 2007."

Martha Rhynes, a retired teacher, began her writing career by researching the lives of American authors and writing biographies and analyses of their work for inclusion in literary encyclopedias. Her book-length biographies include: "I, Too, Sing America, The Story of Langston Hughes"; "Gwendolyn Brooks, Poet from Chicago"; "Ralph Ellison: Author of Invisible Man"; "Jack London: Writer of Adventure"; and "Ray Bradbury: An Illustrated Life." Her works of fiction include numerous short stories and three novels: "The Secret of the Pack Rat’s Nest," "The War Bride," and "Man on First." 

L. D. Robb writes novels and short stories inspired by the challenges of everyday life enjoying a near wilderness and rustic farm life. She lives without many modern conveniences, seeking a self-sustainable way of life, which allows self-introspection and acceptance of the natural processes of existence. She enjoys science fiction and uses that genre to build allegorical stories based on real life events and beliefs. She has so far written two novels in the Apex One series: "Volume One, Epochs in Time" and "Volume Two, Strat├ęgie Royal, War and Honor." The third titled, "Volume Three, The Brothers of The Libertane/ Origins of the Commonwealth," is underway. 

Steve Robb lives with his wife in rural Oklahoma. He is a career ‘Over the Road’ truck driver and is an avid reader. He does little in the way of writing himself, preferring to encourage others in the development of their skills. He has found the written word to be a source of inspiration and solace through the difficult times in his life.

Jeri Elise Tilman lives on a small private farm in central Oklahoma, off the power grid, in a home powered by solar and wind. Jeri writes poetry, short stories, and essays on social and cultural awareness, as well as How To’s on organic gardening, animal husbandry, and natural living. Jeri lectures for women’s groups on recovery from abuse, volunteers time as a lay counselor for mental health and social support groups online and in person, and works as an advocate for acceptance of ‘self’ within the spectrum of human existence.

Joanne Verbridge was born in Oakland, California, spending her life experiences in Northern California. Family brought her to Oklahoma where she enjoys taking time to write about those experiences. She is trying to inspire her young nieces to take an interest in story telling and writing.

Gail Wood has written all her life. “It is as natural to me as breathing. I love the written word, all the nuances, the connotations, the music. I write for a living, but it is in the perverted world of grants, reports, and strategic plans – the bureaucratic graveyard for words," she says. "Besides writing, I have a passion for Zumba® even though I will always be a back row dancer. I love the outdoors and all things natural. The best part of my life is yet to come.”

Tom Yarbrough is the author of three books and numerous articles focusing on helping people improve themselves. He is currently writing two non-fiction works being considered by outside readers and publishers. After a long career in counseling and education, he now spends his time with full time writing, family concerns, and hobbies like Rendezvous (an 1840 living history camp) and making bookmarks called Shepherd Staffs.

Excerpts from Articles & Essays


Although segregation and racial prejudice were obstacles to Ralph Ellison’s success as a writer, he believed that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights guaranteed every American citizen equal rights. This grandson of former slaves thought the words Negro American more accurately described his biological, cultural, geographical, and political heritage, than did the words, African American or Black. Ellison wrote articles about the contributions of Negro Americans to our culture that included music, dance, language, literature, food, sports, and fashions.

Read more in Creations 2012 by Ada Writers.


The Depression of the late Twenties and early Thirties is not likely to repeat itself in the same way that some of us oldsters remember.

According to Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia: “Depression – in economics, a period in an industrial nation characterized by low production and sales and a high rate of business failures and unemployment. (see - Business Cycle)”

It is interesting to note that the encyclopedia in Volume Five under “regulation of business by government” emphasizes that laws were enacted “to ensure a competitive pluralism with regard to production and trade.”

From DICHOTOMY by J. E. Tilman

Dichotomy … that hateful word. The word dichotomy comes from the late 16th century. Via modern Latin and Greek: dikhotomia “cutting in two” and also from the Greek dikho- “apart, in two” + temnein "to cut"

In modern language the word is most accurately applied to medical and scientific practices. 

From HOW TO WRITE DIALOGUE by Martha Rhynes
Description and dialogue acquaint us with characters in a story the same way we become acquainted with people in real life. We observe the appearance and behavior of strangers, aware that looks can be deceiving. We listen to what they say and what other people say about them, mindful that first impressions may or may not be true. Then we form an opinion.

Real life conversations are usually wordy. People repeat themselves and get off the subject. However, in written dialogue, every word should reveal the personality and lifestyle of the speaker. What a character says should indicate conflict, build suspense and advance the plot.


Part of my morning routine is observing the beautiful scenery out my bedroom window. As I sit at my computer I can see a sole pine tree surrounded by maples, wild bushes and the green of the meadow that I mow so often during the spring season.

The pine tree is about thirty feet tall and has been the center of my view of the scenery for many years, and has been green all four seasons in the past. At present, the needles have turned brown and I fear the worst for the life of this majestic tree. It was planted many years ago by the matriarch of the family and named after the lady who took care of it from the beginning.

Creations 2012 Now On Sale!

Enjoy poems, essays, short stories, memoirs, and novel excerpts in this anthology from Ada Writers. Featuring the works of: Stephen B. Bagley, Arlene Aren Howell, Mel Hutt, Ken Lewis, Rick Litchfield, Martha Rhynes, L.D. Robb, Steve Robb, J.E. Tilman, Joanne Verbridge, Gail Wood, and Tom Yarbrough.

Purchase Creations 2012 here!

Creations 2012 Table of Contents

Articles & Essays
Ralph W. Ellison: Renaissance Man by Martha Rhynes 
The Depression by Mel Hutt  
Dichotomy by J.E. Tilman
How to Write Dialogue by Martha Rhynes
Taken for Granted by Mel Hutt

Invisible Hitchhiker by Joanne Verbridge
Exchanging Umi by Ken Lewis
Holding My Mouth Right by Martha Rhynes
Living with My Wife’s DID by Steve Robb

Passion by Stephen B. Bagley
At Eighty by Gail Wood
Faves by Rick Litchfield
Untitled I by J.E. Tilman
Untitled II by J.E. Tilman
Untitled III by J.E. Tilman
Threads by Gail Wood
The Wife by Arlene Aren Howell
Non-Communion by Stephen B. Bagley
Shibboleth by Rick Litchfield
One Step by Tom Yarbrough
Cradle by Gail Wood
The Valentine by Rick Litchfield
The Age Old Clash of Land and Sky by L.D. Robb
Eden by Gail Wood
You as Farmer by Stephen B. Bagley

Short Stories
Project Diana by Martha Rhynes
Surprised by a Well by Tom Yarbrough
Tale of a Lonely Vampire by Arlene Aren Howell
Storm Front by Ken Lewis
An Unattended Death by Stephen B. Bagley
Surprise in the Woods by Tom Yarbrough
My Hero by Arlene Aren Howell
Stranger, Watch Your Step! by Martha Rhynes
The Liar by Arlene Aren Howell
A Pact House by Ken Lewis

Book Excerpts
Jack London: Writer of Adventure by Martha Rhynes
Murder by the Mile by Stephen B. Bagley

About the Authors