New book!

Ada Writers member Tom Yarbrough has a new book out! It's Treasures of the Kingdom: A Conversational Confessional

From the back cover: "This study offers a fresh look at the revealed secrets embedded in Matthew 5:3–12, the time-tested Beatitudes, from the perspective of one trained as a behavioral scientist. Throughout his more than forty years in the counseling field, Dr. Tom Yarbrough's motivation stayed fixed upon biblical guidelines. In Treasures of the Kingdom, he suggests nine smaller kingdoms Christ introduced on the Mount for a contemporary journey toward maturity.

"Yarbrough explores the Beatitudes in the Bible, showing how each one reveals a way of living that all Christians can and should adopt. He compares them to stages, or kingdoms, in which one instruction may need to be understood and experienced before one can understand and experience the next one.

"Providing a host of scriptural references, Yarbrough shows how through the Beatitudes, Jesus left us a road map on how to live our lives, follow in his footsteps, and become mature Christians."

Here's the link on Amazon where you can get the paperback and Kindle: PURCHASE HERE

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