By Tim Wilson
Halloween has always been a favorite time for kids to go trick or treating. As a young child about five or six, I think back to a time when every thing was big and scary while attempting to fill our bags with candy on the one night of the year we were allowed to ask total strangers for candy and treats.

The thought of monsters, witches, and goblins at the next stop was always on our mind as a small child while you rounded the next comer anticipating what could wait for you in the shadows of a dark blackened night. This was mainly due to TV movies of witches and monsters shown around Halloween time, which we kids just had to see no matter how many nightmares we knew would follow after watching these scary movies.

This is also the time of year when deer are in rut, traveling sometimes many miles in search of a doe to mate with, or does running from the bucks that are after them while crossing many highways and roads. This is when many motorists find out just how dangerous hitting a large animal at high speeds is, and how much damage it can do to your vehicle.

It was estimated that in the year 2012 deer caused One Billion Dollars worth of damage, which was paid by insurance companies in different types of claims in every thing you can think of from vehicle accidents, crops being ruined or destroyed, to hospital stays from wrecks while trying to avoid this allusive animal of natures beauty.

Be ready to avoid becoming one these involved. Drive safely, and above all, stay alert to the flash of this animal's ability to just appear right in front of you without any kind of warning, especially at night!

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