Ada Writers look at Fall

By Tim Wilson
Fall is the most colorful time of the year in Oklahoma as the lush green countryside gives way to the coming winter. The surroundings foliage turns different colors of brilliance. Time passes quickly during this time of the year. Our days become much shorter of needed life-giving sunlight, We see the leaves on the trees dying and start to fall right before our eyes each year, but we sometimes miss this great beauty that has been bestowed upon us due to society's demands to survive. Today's economy takes most people working at two jobs just to live in comfort and safety in today's upside-down society as we strive for acceptance to achievements in reaching needed goals. These are demands required of us as we are programmed shortly after birth.

It's like a heavy early morning fog with mist so thick you can't hardly see the path or pavement to safely drive on. Surviving in today's world of utter chaos, you must brave the dangers in the concealing fog, no matter the costs of what awaits or lurks in the gloom. Your goal may be just simply to make it safely each day, or to be able to provide more for yourself and your family to survive! As this mist of the fog thickens, it sometimes almost mesmerizes us into a frozen stare, such as seen on a robot's face. Just like setting at a bonfire very still and quiet as the fluttering rising flames seem to hypnotize or freeze our complex brain from its way of thinking, frozen in time for that brief moment.

The hope is in people of good! This goodness is like when the sun shines bright and dissipates a thick fog by evaporating moisture in the air that has basically blocked our vision of the safe path, revealing any dangers that wait in the fog, showing the truthful clarity within the deception. Once the fog has evaporated and dissipated away, the pathway becomes clear as a freshly painted picture. When we look away from the glowing flames of a bonfire, we become un-hypnotized and return to a normal state of thinking, and again become aware of our soundings. To survive in today's society we must see through the fogs of concealment, the dangers that lurk in the fires, and not become hypnotized to the deceptions and concealments happening around us.

By Don Perry
I prefer the word autumn as to the word fall. Fall means a descent from a higher plane, of which autumn is not a descent, but a change. By this time in Summer, I am ready for change. The tomatoes are burning up as are the squash, purple cabbage, and turnips. Bugs are helping their demise, I suppose. The grasshoppers are growing fat and constantly evade my yellow lab as she stalks them in the unmown grass. Which reminds me that I must mow tomorrow in spite of the heat, in spite of the summer cold I've fought for the last week. Autumn will bring a respite from the heat and an easier time. Fishing and hunting trips are still an option with the advent of autumn. Not too hot and yet not quite cool. The autumn leaves will soon turn the land into a brilliant splash of variegated color in advance of the winter's drab starkness. And I, well, I shall abide.

By Mel Hutt
Fall is on the doorstep. I have great memories of fall in the central and northern New York. The colors of the leaf changes are very beautiful and seem like magic. The Adirondack mountains are a painter's dream. The multiple colors are very sharp and varied. We have traveled in many many states in the fall of the year and have not seen any better or brighter that central New York during this period of the year. Having lived there most of my life, I fmd I miss this time of the year that I experienced there.

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